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Free-software services from the CHATONS collective, to decentralize and discover a web on a human scale, united and respectful of your privacy.

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Collaborative writing

A pad is a real-time collaborative text editor. You can write simultaneously.

Instance Etherpad
Provided by Framasoft

Other instances and documentation

Video-conference for small groups directly in your browser, no need to register.

Instance Jitsi Meet
Provided by allella

Other instances and documentation
Find a schedule

Schedule an appointment or make decisions quickly and easily.

Instance Framadate
Provided by Sleto

Create a surveyOther instances and documentation
Collaborative spreadsheet

Real time collaborative spreadsheet. You can write simultanously.

Instance Ethercalc
Provided by Nomagic

Other instances and documentation
File sharing

Share large files anonymously, no need to register.

Instance Mattermost
Provided by Zaclys

Upload filesOther instances and documentation
Picture sharing

Share pictures in galleries. Fast, and no need to subscribe.

Instance Lutim
Provided by Infini

Upload picturesOther instances and documentation
Post-it board

Collect and organize your ideas, make visible the places of involvement.

Instance Scrumblr
Provided by Colibris Outils libres

Other instances and documentation
Link shortener

Shorten your links without subscribing.

Instance Yourls
Provided by A-Hébergement

Shorten a linkOther instances and documentation
Secure text sharing

End-to-end encrypted text snippet sharing tool

Create an encrypted messageOther instances and documentation